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Exclusive Shipping Services CDL

With once in century prevailing Pandemic, CDL offers the best of its services in the domestic and international courier, cargo, and logistic sector. It caters to individual, corporate, and multiple government sectors of multiple countries. Time being a precious commodity, CDL offers premium, expresses, or economical class pickup, safe, insured & end to end traceable delivery service. It has a smart customer relationship service offering Regular handsome commercial benefits in the form of a redeemable coupon. It also facilitates customers to get their import/export consignment stuck at regulators by fulfilling the legal compliance at the earliest.

Air Freight

CDL airfreight being is the fastest way to transport goods internationally. It offers unique & least airfreight amongst market players towards high cost-to-weight form of shipment. It specializes in the shipment of heavy loads, perishable food items, versatile textiles, electronics, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare, It espouses cutting edge smart solution and specializes in handling and clearing of Hazardous Livestock, Precious, Classified Goods shipment with legal support and healthy interaction with regulators. It is reliable, time-saving with a low insurance premium, secured, and uses least of the warehouse's infra. However, as a policy COPCO does not carry internationally prohibited goods by any regulators.

Sea Freight

Although slow, primarily being economical & eco-friendly, major cargo shipments are via oceans. It is the backbone of the supply chain business. CDL has novel systems for real-time, end to end monitoring of shipment (patent pending). As the sea-freight shipment is complicated CDL has put a shipping guide to ensure its customers cover all bases e.g. from Bills of Landing to International Commerce Terms (Incoterms), and Container Ships to Insurance. It offers four type of services - EXW (Ex-Works/factory), FOB (Free on Board), CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) to buyers country, Delivery at Port (DAP) / Delivery and Duty, Unpaid (DDU), which delivers all the way to your facility or warehouse, excluding the cost of tariffs and taxes It imparts paybacks to customers via its alliance with shipping organization. However, it does not carry Airbags, Ammunition, Explosives, and Gasoline.

CrossBorder e-Commerce

To provide the greatest e-Commerce solutions, CDL has combined ground-breaking technology with regional human capital in the logistical sector. Through CDL's innovative and secure e-commerce platform, the clients can carry out multi-channel sales and conduct international business. These e-commerce options are available to customers for online trading. Delivering goods straight to customers via our technologically advanced transit warehouse system is a one-stop shop. By utilising our path-breaking digital technology, CDL seeks to offer a globally leading and prime network, supersonic delivery, affordable prices, and round-the-clock technical assistance.

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